Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winner for "This Reminds me of Trey" Contest

 Angels, the December contest is now over and a winner has been selected! Let's all congratulate @Ms_ChinaDollLes on her win ladies :) Just to let you all know the angels who participated  used some great household items and did a wonderful job explaining how and why that particular item reminded them of Trey. Choosing one winner was not an easy task, but @Ms_ChinaDollLes and her heartfelt explanation of her items made the majority of the judges say "aaaww" when reading her entry. I'm proud to announce that she is the winner of the first Angel NickName contest and she will receive her very own angel nickname hoodie personalized with her angel name #VibrantAngel! I would like to say good job to the angels who participated and congrats again to @Ms_ChinaDollLes! ,Photobucket Congrats #VibrantAngel!