Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Angel NN – Featured NN of the week 10/17/11 @2prettybrowneye #daringangel

Being referred to as a DaringAngel is a title that Ebony S. takes to heart.  She shows her love for Nasty Neverson in a variety of ways including a tattoo on her right forearm dedicated to him!  Many angels know Ebony as the dynamo behind a live weekly broadcast on Sundays at 11pm EST entitled @TreyGasm !  The name alone is enough to send the imagination into overdrive and Ebony encourages any “grown and sexy woman who loves to answer freaky questions about Trey” to check it out on www.tinychat.com/treygasm.   And for those who want another dose of Trigga, she even has her own weekly radio show @TriggaRadio on Sundays at 9pm EST which features his music on www.wwmrradio.com.   When asked about her Angel nickname, Ebony says “It fits me because I do things that make me stand out to Trey and that no one else will dare to do!”  We certainly agree!

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