Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Angel NN - Featured NN Angel of the week 12/12/11 DaintyAngel - Prays4Tremaine

This week's featured nick named angel is @Prays4Tremaine aka DaintyAngel...once you've read her story below there will be no doubt in your mind on why we feel as though she's earned the title this week!


The idea for the "My Moment...With Trey" books came about because I love looking at photos of Trey with his fans! No matter who they were or where they were from you could see the love he showed them through the picture. That may sound a lil' weird but anyone that is a TRUE supporter and fan of Trey's knows exactly what I mean. My favorite thing about Trey is when he looks at a female it's like they're the ONLY woman in the world like no one else matters! He gives you not only his attention but his love as well! And I saw that in his eyes in each woman's photo.

I/we love and cherish our photos with Trey!  I mean we spend our savings for a-what 5min VIP time with him as well as 3 1/2 seconds not even WITH him but just to see him and get a cd signed and that’s after standing in line for I don’t know  3-4hrs lol [crazy huh]! So if we love and cherish these times so much I just thought maybe, maybe he would want to hold or see what makes us smile on those long sad days, after a break up, a death in the family, or even just what makes us wanna get out and dance...Trey Songz!

The "Trey's Angels Yearbook" was inspired because I wanted to make a book that displayed the talents of the different Angels. Not too people had had an opportunity to meet Trey so they weren't able to be in the My Moment books. So I wanted to make a book that included as MANY Trey's Angels as possible! 

The "Trey's Unit" prayer book is a collection of prayers for Trey from his fans from all over. His fans/angels pray for him on a daily bases and I just wanted to make a collection of different prays that he may keep with him and read in those times when he needs a little or a lot of uplifting and a reminder of why he gives so much and goes so hard. 

Lastly my most recent book was the "Angel Mission" book a collection of the different missions his Angels have completed in their different cities and in a few cases different countries! Trey has inspired SO many people to do for others I thought it would be nice once again for him to have his own collection of the work and people he has touch.

Trey has an affect on so many people of all ages and races. I just wanted to find a way to say 'Thank you Trey' and these books are my way of saying that.

Trey's Dainty Angel --Trinea' Turner

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  1. It is wonderful what our sis is doing to keep us connected to Trey and Trey connected to us! xoxo